Partners’ Benefits

Acts 30:25: “… It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

A partner’s monetary donation would be used to support the mission work of the organization and cater for other expenses. Partners would have the opportunity to enjoy diverse privileges as registered members .

But there is no greater benefits than receiving God’s blessing as you give to support the mission work of the organization . And as you give, God would also bless you and increase your ministry.

  1. This organization would assist its partners in evangelism and other religious engagements with the help of our associate churches and other ministries worldwide.
  2. The organization will assist its partners globally to travel  for mission work.
  3. Depending on a partner’s contributions, the organization could invite a member to Ghana and part of the expense would be sponsored by the organization.
  4. You would also receive books authored by the CEO/Founder
  5. Partners images and personal website details would also be displayed on the organization website so that people can also log into their websites and see the ministries and products online.
  6. Every two years, we will honor our partners with certificates and renew partnership as well. That is for those who consistently give their support to the organization and other benefits.

Note: A dormant  partner would automatically lose all benefits and  membership from the organization.

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