OIM Agents

OIM Ghana aims at reaching out to the missionaries worldwide whose desire is to visiting Ghana and other part of African Countries for Tourist attractions, missions and humanitarian developmental projects. We aim at inviting individuals, Churches, Schools, Communities, Youth groups and other Christian organizations in different countries with the willingness to partaking and sacrificing funds, knowledge and time to do mission work. Our aim is geared towards a rapid spread and penetration to all corner of the earth in transforming lives and winning souls.

Becoming an Agent of OIM Ghana

Requirements to becoming an agent of OIM Ghana includes;

  1. Must have an Authorized Certificate and OIM Ghana ID card as a member.
  2. Registration fee $115 with renewable Identification cards and flyers, every three (3) years.

Job Description and Commission

An Agent is awarded a commission of 25% when he or she brings a person on board for OIM Ghana missions and trips. Invite your friends, families and church mission team to a promising mission and humanitarian trip in Ghana.

Special Group Mission Trip

OIM Ghana organizes special group trips for foreigners abroad with a minimum people of ten (10) and more with favorable dates to suit cause.