About us

CEO / Founder

Frederick Asiedu is a humble and a radical young Christian, who loves the things of God and is passionate about God’s assignment for his life. He is called into evangelistic and revival ministry. He is a speaker, author, conference host and a revivalist. With his little education coupled with the anointing of God upon his life, he has written a number of books including “Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit and Christian Churches Today, Mystery behind destiny and Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit”.

In last year July 2016, Frederick Asiedu received an invitation to escort someone in United Kingdom (London) for a graduation. In the process of his travelling preparation, the Holy Spirit told him to cancel and set up an organization in which he would receive many missionaries across the globe for kingdom work.

With an obedient spirit, the “Organization of International Missionaries” was started in July 2016 As the CEO; Frederick Asiedu has hosted thirteen (13) missionaries from Europe and USA as revealed to him. Through this mission work, many souls are being saved; lives are being revived and transformed.

In 2015 the Lord showed him a vision “Mission to Hospital” which propelled him to embark on hospital visitation. As a humanitarian, he would want to support people who are in need. Especially people who have been hospitalized and unable to foot their bills; victims of natural disaster and the less privileged children.

About the Organization

Organization of international missionaries – Ghana (Ghana Mission Trip) is nonprofit Christian organization that invites ministers/missionaries from North/South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and other part of Africa for mission work which include ministry, profession, health, tourism and humanitarian aid.

OIM Ghana came into existence in July 2016. In the next few years, the organization is looking forward to setting up representatives in many countries and also extends the mission trip to other countries including South Africa. O.I.M wants to help missionaries from other countries who desire to travel to Africa and other parts of the world for mission work. It aims at providing smooth and easy preaching engagement for missionaries and building ministry network among the missionaries

Who can join?

We invite Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers. All Christians who like to do mission work in Africa (Ghana) can be part of Ghana mission trip. Thus, it is open to all Christian organizations, authors, speakers, Women CEOs, suicide survivors, domestic violence advocates, child sexual abuse advocates, Philanthropists, humanitarians, health workers etc.

Mission Statement

  • Organizing revivals and crusades for ministers from Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia and some African countries.
  • Hosting of conferences such as teens and youth conference, women’s empowerment, Holy Spirit empowerment and entrepreneurship summit etc
  • Praise and worship revival
  • Organizing of talk shows and revivals for schools
  • Health awareness/Health screening
  • Visitation to hospitals, orphanage, prisons etc
  • Visitation to tourist sites
  • Donations

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19 NIV

Vision Statement

  • Building and promoting Christian relationships and cultures.
  • Reviving and restoring lives of Ghanaians through our revivals and crusades.
  • Helping the less privileged in the society through donations and findings.
  • Our vision is to unite with local, and international missionaries/ministers and to spread the gospel throughout the world.