The OIM magazine will be launched in 2020 and will sell all over the world. The OIM magazine will contain all if our past missions and humanitarian works from 2016 to current. It will also highlight future events.

We are giving authors the opportunity to add their websites and/ or links of their books to the OIM website. This will give them more access to people and followers of the organization around the world. It will give the world the the opportunity to purchase their books and contact them for ministry.

This service will be offered at a cost of $60 a year which is just $5 a month.

We will be promoting your books on international platforms, radios and TV stations worldwide and also on our social media page.

To sign up, we will need your book cover and your website or link to your books so that people can log in and order your books from this website.

We also welcome you to visit the website of the CEO of OIM Brother Frederick to order copies of his books